Car trunk stabilizer

NOOK offers a genuinely simple solution for an annoying, everyday problem. Luggage and smaller items tend to move around the car trunk every time you turn or brake. This can cause disturbing noises, clutter and in some cases even damage. NOOK easily and securely stabilizes loose objects of various shapes and sizes, from bags and crates to bottles.



With a strong velcro on one side and sturdy anti-slip pads on the other, the stabilizers will steadily stick to the surface of any conventional car trunk. They can be secured on the side or at the bottom of the trunk or both at the same time, offering flexibility for the user. Larger or oddly shaped luggage can be fastened to the circle shaped hook.



We designed these objects to use the least amount of resources, while making them incredibly sturdy. The body is made from durable, heat-resistant material. Despite being light, it is strong enough to hold even heavier luggage. Deliberately avoiding the usual look and feel of stereotypical car accessories, NOOKs will appeal to every car driver and even passengers. The bright, playful hues make it easy to find them as they pop out in the dark interior of the trunks.



The packaging sleeves are consciously created too. NOOKs are sold in pairs. They require as little paper as possible, and the packaging keeps the products stackable. The sleeve protects the non-slip and velcro pads and allows the product to be hung for display.



In the hyper-digitalized world of automotive design, we created an object that is innovative, analog and fun to use. The stabilizers are cool and loveable gadgets that make every day chores that little bit more organized and less boring.