Complete your vanlife with Rati armrest!

Our proven Armster OE1 armrest for your captain chair!

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Maximum comfort
- can be fitted to the seat so it provides perfect comfort in all seat positions
- stepless height adjustment
- adjustable sliding padding with soft opening and closing
- foldable between seats upright position
- 1 litre storage space with noise reduction TPE insert
- includes pen holder, coin holder and a shopping trolley token


Easy to install
Available for seats with/without factory elbow rest.
It can be installed in no time; anyone can do it at home, using simple tools.

To check the car's compatibility, download the typelist.


Simply appealing
We believe that the atmosphere is all in the subtle details.
Our RedDot awarded designers ensure that all our products fit in your car effortlessly.


Leading ergonomics
Our armrests are car type specific, which we designed for the seat of your car.
This way they always fit your car perfectly.


Genuine, OEM quality from Rati
- durability is tested using long-term dynamic tests
- meets the highest standards within the automotive industry
- increased loadability – up to 50 kg


Tailored to OEM
Our armrest meets the highest automotive standards
and can be customized for OEM requirements.


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