Rati ARMSTER2 Armrest

Innovative Line of the Armster armrest with Portable Pocket




The Innovative Line of the original ARMSTER armrest with Portable Pocket. OEM standard by Rati.


The PORTABLE POCKET is an innovative feature for the armrests. Keep your driver license, wallet or cell phone in the portable pocket, clip to your belt and take it with you!


_ Height adjustment in 4 positions
_ Push forward padding on the top
_ Turning up between seats
_ Practical storage room
_ Basic colour versions: flat black armrest body with shiny black or grey-metal design part
_ Colour of design part is customizable for OEM’s
_ Includes pen holder, coin holder and a shopping trolley coin


_ Improved functions
_ Metal mechanics inside
_ Increased loadability _ up to 80 kg
_ Increased durability _ dynamically tested
ARMSTER2 Features

Further to our standard armrest: Armster S

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