Innovation and Services

For Rati 2006 meant a breakthrough when innovation was placed in the focus as a new strategic direction in order to develop attractive car accessories for each segments. Rati’s expertise covers several years of development. A lot of usable knowledge has been accumulated, which future projects can benefit from.

For us innovation means to make good better, even perfect. The ability to create something that has never been done before.
Our philosophy is to develop our car accessories from the first idea to the product which is attractive for the car manufacturers and for the individual customers as well.

Our keywords are idea, innovation, design and functionality.

– Market research
– Concept and design planning
– Product development
– In-house and independing testing
– Manufacturing
– Flexible shipping
– Marketing support

We are ready for the challenge! Who are we?

Coming soon:
– innovative lunch box for car trips
– new multifunctional coat hanger (coat hanger, tablet holder, hook)

More info about the concepts will be available soon on Rati’s new website!

Rati Innovation and Services